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  • "We were so impressed by the attention to detail by Julie and the entire staff at the Seaport and really loved the personal touches we noticed throughout the day. The Seaport staff really took care to listen to our concerns, our priorities and our desires to make it a perfect evening for us."

    Alyssa, bride
  • “We had an amazing wedding experience at the Seaport Hotel during the Blizzard of 2013. We knew we were taking a chance by booking a wedding in February…Only a hotel with highly trained, thoughtful employees could have pulled off our wedding reception. Luckily for us, the Seaport is just that kind of hotel.”

    Kristen and John, bride and groom
  • “…now that the wedding festivities for Maria and Jenny are over…thank you and the staff of The Seaport for being so amazing on the day-of and leading up to the wedding… The brides were so happy with every detail - it was perfect from top to bottom. I sincerely look forward to hosting future events with you!”

    Mandy, Owner of Hummingbird Bridal and Events
  • “Although the location, the food, and the staff, were impeccable, what truly made our experience great was how much the staff cared about giving us the most perfect day imaginable. This sense of caring is something that is nearly impossible to find, and when combined with the location and food at Seaport, there is no better place to get married in all of Boston.”

    Trevor and Ester, bride and groom


Intimate, Private Dining Rooms for Wedding Receptions

Enjoy intimacy and exclusivity within the elegance of Aura Restaurant. Choose from two private dining rooms: Magnum A and Magnum B. With stylish cherry woodwork and walls of French windows overlooking the lobby, these two spaces offer a warm, welcoming ambiance for any special occasion. When the dining rooms are combined, they offer a sizable yet private space for sit-down meals for up to 80 guests.


  • Location:
    Seaport Boston Hotel, Harbor Level (Ground Floor)
  • View:
    Interior space
  • Features:
    French windows overlooking the lobby
  • Area:
    Magnum A
    351 sq. ft.
    Magnum B
    621 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions:
    Magnum A
    12 ft. x 27 ft.
    Magnum B
    23 ft. x 27 ft.
  • Height:
    Magnum A
    9 ft. 7 in. 
    Magnum B
    9 ft. 7 in. 
  • Capacities:
    Magnum A
    • Dinner: 10 to 24
    • Reception: 15 to 30
    Magnum B
    • Dinner: 21 to 40
    • Reception: 30 to 60
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