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 Eat Local at the Seaport Boston Hotel

Seaport’s cuisine all starts with a passion to use the finest fresh, local ingredients. Yet Seaport’s culinary team takes it one step further, incorporating ingredients from our own gardens and rooftops into their seasonal menus.
  • Seaport’s TAMO Bistro & Bar was named a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant (2014);
  • Menus include herbs and vegetables from our own organic, Plaza Level garden;
  • Over 1 million bees on the fifth floor roof provide honey for use in TAMO Bistro & Bar;
  • Seaport, in collaboration with Vermont-based Long Trail Brewing Company, recently unveiled its second batch of Seaport Honey Ginger IPA, which was created using 300 pounds of the hotel's honey.  It is available exclusively on tap at TAMO Bistro & Bar.
  • Grease traps in the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center are cleaned monthly by a local company which collects the grease, recycles it and turns it into home heating fuel. This fuel is provided to New England distributors
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